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Networking – It’s about being selective with your time

Networking has become a vital way of building business relationships and thanks to advances in communication technology, it has never been easier. Face-to-face networking is still the best means of developing genuine and lucrative business contacts, however social networking sites such as LinkedIn ensures that we’re now able to forge instant links with our newly-acquired contacts and do our research as well as secure exposure to an even wider business network.

Networking is not only moving on technologically, it’s also becoming more sophisticated. It’s about being selective with your time and engaging with similar people who can add value to your business.

Both the Entrepreneurs Club and The Business Exposure Group have positioned themselves by putting on events and meetings for people wanting to engage with others in trusted business communities. It goes back to having a few close contacts of quality standing, instead of spreading yourself too thinly and achieving zero relationships.

No matter how experienced you are and however long you’ve been in business, you can always develop and hone your business skills. Discussing strategies and talking through current pressures can save you time and money and give you greater confidence in the way you tackle issues.

We all need to differentiate ourselves – otherwise we just become one of the crowd. That will be the difference between making money and making peanuts.

If we try to follow what was practised 20 or 30 years ago, we will not only lose but will be considered idiots.  Who would have thought that business owners would welcome the opportunity to discuss ideas and techniques with each other, to assist in how they run their businesses?

In our parent’s generation it would never have happened. Everyone kept their ideas close to their chests.  But today everything is so fast. It’s impossible to be an expert in all areas of business, but with a group of complimentary business owners that risk of isolation is taken away.

The Business Exposure Group has over 120 business owners in this region, collaborating with each other on business strategies and opportunities. It’s not about the features and benefits, it’s about the problems we solve.


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