Have our websites evolved to maximise visitor engagement

Let’s assume your website has great content.  What tactics can you use to increase visitor engagement?  So, what exactly does engagement mean – when a visitor lands on your website you want them to read your content, interact with your forms, and click through on your call to action.

This was the topic discussed by members of the Business Exposure Group at a recent meeting – does your website work and do you get return visits?

Visitors spend on average 8 seconds before deciding whether or not to remain on the website.

Some useful tips to aid visitor engagement are –

  • use plenty of white space so your content is easy on the eye
  • use readable fonts and text sizes
  • pages with 1000-2500 words experience the highest user engagement
  • trend is…. – one message – one video – one click
  • make your website faster to load – Google analytics offer speed suggestions under the heading site-speed
  • visitors need to see your brand 7 times before they will commit
  • ‘heatmaps’ they let you know where visitors are hovering their cursors, clicking on buttons, etc
  • best practice is to get 20% of visitors to return to the website

Once you know your money terms you can focus all your efforts on the right subject matter eg sells safety equipment or safety equipment for operatives or safety equipment Leeds or cheapest safety equipment

  • create custom landing pages
  •  use visitor tracking -retargeting – is a cookie based technology that uses java script code to anonymously follow your audience all over the web once they have visited your site
  • but is it better to concentrate on website strength rather than chase companies who have visited your website?
  • Google Analytics or Lead Forensics are useful tools…. and then pick up phone following research through Linkedin. ‘As a proactive company we have identified that someone in your company visited our website yesterday. I took a guess that it may have been you.  Just for information the visitor seemed to be mainly interested in ….’, then pause, if it’s not them they will pass you through to someone else or supply an email address. Alternatively you could ring within minutes of them visiting the website, or ring out of hours and leave a message on voicemail to be followed up the next day.
  • send an email following up a visitor looking at your website
  • finding out who has visited your website can be a meticulous process, but it can offer great rewards if you are willing to persevere. It’s easy to show that in the past month your website has been visited 1000 times, but it tells you very little about who is visiting your website. Knowing who visited can assist your sales team.Using visitor tracking software enables you to also find out who has been back to your website for another look
  • alerts can be useful to spot cluster visits from the same company, they can also be used to spot if your competition is visiting your website

Today’s marketeers have shifted form asking ‘how many visitors are looking at a website’ to ‘who is looking at my website’.   What this all means for savvy B2B’s is that a company website can go far beyond a glorified brochure.  It can help in the selling process.


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