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Are you using Video Marketing?

Taken from a recent discussion at a Business Exposure Group meeting.
The value of video is threefold. It improves user engagement, increases brand awareness and has a significant, positive impact on search engine optimization.

Video allows you to generate instant emotional connection with an audience because it is the closest thing to real life. Posts with video on websites are more ‘sticky’ – so what should you use them for

– Customer testimonials
– Your elevator pitch
– Product demos
– Frequently asked questions
– Interview with employees
– Talent within your company that others would like to learn from

However, 76% of SME’s don’t have a video presence on Google. If they did, their ranking would increase 50 fold.

Videos are now cheap and easy to film and upload, but I am not convinced which is the best way to feature your business. Consider the following issues.

1. Should the video be 15 seconds in duration or longer
2. Should the video be real people or avitar characters. Are customers put off by the look of an individual or the triviality of a character.
3. What happens to your brand if your video featured a sales manager who moves onto work for the competition – you can’t get rid of the video.
4. Does it matter if it is not the most professional looking production, as long as it gets the message across – in that regard does it enhance or damage your brand?

But, done correctly, a video marketing strategy can create a good return on investment
compared to other forms of marketing.

What is clear is that the attention span of an internet user is diminishing. People prefer videos to text and are regularly watching videos whilst on the go, with 90% of online users confirming that they did find video helpful in making decisions and 80% of business owners stating that they can recall watching a particular B2B video.

In conclusion, cost effective videos are the best way to stand out from your competitors, but should be just part of your overall marketing mix.

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