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Push v Pull Marketing- Is your business using both strategies?

Limiting your strategy to one or the other will reduce your market.

Pull marketing means making yourself visible, being helpful and hoping that customers will visit your website. Pull tactics include: informative non salesy content to tell your buyers how to solve problems and what a good partner you will be in helping them. Using Blogging/ Video/SEO/PR/Social Media/Speaking engagements/ Sign-ups for newsletters.

Push marketing is for prospects who don’t know they have a problem or you have a brand new offering. Using  Direct Mail/ Telesales/Advertising/Trade shows.

Today the battle ground has changed. The prospect holds the higher ground as they decide when to listen and when to respond. The old ways of pressure selling have gone.

Pull marketing has shortened the sales cycle. More than 50% of the buying process takes place in a self directed fashion, before the sales team is engaged.

Large companies are still using push marketing but the SME size businesses are focusing heavily in the pull direction, because the campaign takes less effort and is less expensive ,subject to appropriate market research to find out how you get your disinterested prospects to become interested.

The problem with Pull marketing is that it is impossible to measure, whereas with Push marketing you are in charge of the frequency and timing of the campaign which makes it easier to evaluate your return on investment.

In the SME world, big bang marketing is out and agile marketing is in.

Which way works best for your business?

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