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Does email marketing work nowadays?


Research shows that Business users now receive, on average, 200 emails per day.  So how can we digest and accept the non-essential emails.  Possibly because 72% of email users check their in-boxes six or more times each day. 

Some of the Business Exposure Group members thought that email marketing was now being neglected because of all the buzz around social networking and also because spam filters now push many of the campaigns into the junk box on your computer. 

But the reality is that email has three times as many accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined.  Email is the most personal medium.  It is the most ‘businessy’ medium and it gets more attention per customer because you have repeated contact which is invasive in the recipient’s mailbox. 

The beauty behind emails are that they are free and the only cost is the time to implement and send the campaign.  It is clear from the group discussion that gone are the days of graphic pretty campaigns, because they just get redirected to junk boxes.  But now plain emails, which are clear with a one column layout so they can be read on mobiles, are the best.  But there is a challenge to overcome so that the email is not perceived as boring. 

The headers are all important and the use of words like ‘exclusive’ in email promotional campaigns boost the unique open rates by 14%, whereas words like cheap fall into the spam category. 

It was interesting that the group felt that the best time to send B2B emails were between 8.00am – 10.00am and that newsletters should be sent on the last Thursday or Friday afternoon of the month, when hopefully the recipient will have time to consider the content. 

There were mixed views as to the level of genuine interest in receiving newsletters, which tended to be padded out with irrelevant articles. 

Simon Grainger informed the group of ‘Pre-Headers’ which will become common on mobile device emails. These pre-headers are treated as a second strap line and are used as an overview of the content to gain the recipients attention. 

In summary, most agreed that email marketing was not dead.  It will live on because with the email list, it’s yours to own, whereas when Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin become overtaken all the data is lost.  Email gives you the opportunity to hit your target audience whenever you have something compelling to say.

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