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How do we maximise engagement with our website visitors

You have great content on your website, so what tactics can you use to increase and measure visitor engagement?


Visitors spend an average of 8 seconds before deciding whether or not to remain on the site and you can look at the following criteria to decide on whether or not they are engaged:


–          How often they hit the back button (your bounce rate)

–          Visitor duration – how long do they stay

–          New vs returning visitors


There are four steps to measure maximising engagement:


–          Drive traffic

–          Analyse

–          Optimise

–          Convert


71% of visitors use key word to find products.


There is plenty you can do to attract and keep visitors engaged with your website, including:


–          Social share buttons – show how many likes you have

–          Add popular posts onto your site

–          Make your email opt in box prominent – people that opt in are 5-20 times more engaged than other visitors.  Use a phrase such as ‘If you enjoyed this post, subscribe for updates’

–          Slide outs – when visitors reach the end of the content, it slides you to another part so they don’t leave the website

–          Place related posts at the bottom so it keeps people on the site

–          Check analytics – as some content performs better than others.  Coca Cola chose the 70/20/10 principal on their site – 70% bread and butter content, 20% innovative, 10% risky and untested content

–          Survey your user – what topics would you like me to write about?

–          Offer them a free report for nothing – a bribe

–          Speak in real words – don’t use acronyms

–          Don’t let your content go stale

–          Live chat can keep them engaged


One trend to follow is to keep your site clean – have one message, one video, one click button.


Images are important as they add luxury to the site.  Have a few images but they need to have a strong emotional meaning to add value to your product offering.


You need to know how to make money from your website, for example a site that sells kids bikes, needs to have the following in it:


–          Safest bicycle for children

–          Children’s bike shop Manchester

–          Best bike for kids


Once you know your money terms you can focus all you marketing effects on the subject matter.


So who creates custom landing pages?


So who does split testing?  These are really important.


For most website, only 2% of traffic converts on the first visit.  Banner advert retargeting is a form of online advertising that can help place your brand in front of visitors after they leave your website.  For example a holiday website.  You go to website 1, leave to go to website 2, where an advert for website 1 pops up and advertises a special discount.  You can do this using retargeting in a cookie based technology that uses java script code to anonymously follow your audience all over the web.


Focus your spend on people who are already familiar with your brand. B2B customers are the perfect candidates because it helps you stay in front of leads during longer purchase cycles.


Consider CRM retargeting which can target people across the web.  It’s a great way to remind and engage with your contacts during specific marketing campaigns.


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