Business Discussion Group gives business owners “A Board of Non-Executive Directors”

A business discussion group in the North is racking up praise from directors and business owners across the region for its highly concentrated business advice, and has been compared to “like having a board of non-executive directors on your side.”

The Business Exposure Group (BXG), run by entrepreneur Philip Drazen, operates meetings across the North ten times every month, and is exclusive to business owners and directors of all ages from all sectors. Philip chairs the meetings, ensuring every forum thoroughly covers a range of topics that are important to the business owners around the table.

Recent topics of discussion include “Recruitment – Tips and Best Practice,” “Funding an acquisition,” and “Cloud Computers – The risks of not owning your data.”

Some of the discussions are truncated and posted onto this blog, which provides everyone with the chance to see what sort of advice is being generated from the events.

Speaking about the benefits of the group, Philip stated: “Business owners operate today in a varied and complex world. As an owner you are expected to have all the answers, but it’s impossible. What makes the Business Exposure Group different is that it is purely and simply a straight talking, no nonsense, English concept, which provides a safe, secure and trusted environment for business owners.”

One member was particularly eager to share her thoughts on the group, commenting: “[Philip ensures] everything gets done, we cover everything on the agenda and he keeps control of the group with a smile so that it goes like clockwork. Joining the group has been a good move, I have done business through the group, made great contacts and it gives the opportunity once every 5 weeks to take a birds eye view of your business. Very useful.”

Another member simply stated: “[The Business Exposure Group] is a valuable resource providing an excellent sounding board for business issues. Philip runs these well and has interesting and useful insights into the problems raised.”

If you are a Director or business owner and would like to attend one of their informative round-table discussions, please contact

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