Gaining employee commitment in tough times

Businesses in today’s turbulent economic climate need to frequently ask themselves whether any member of their team is likely to jump ship and if so, what are they going to do about it?

Employees can become frustrated if they are not sure what’s expected of them and good employers will invest time into making their staff understand their role within the organisation. You need to confidently communicate with employees and ask them what they need you to provide for them to enable them to outperform. Create urgency to get enhanced cooperation especially if they are long-serving employees who have become a bit lax.

Employers should involve staff and not just throw figures at them, explain your reasoning with stories which are memorable. Listening to staff feedback gives them ownership. Staff views should be solicited while the plans are still in development, not when it’s too late to have an impact.

If you have latent untapped potential in your staff how do you release that? It’s about having one to one meetings and then allowing them the freedom to run with an idea. In order to instigate change, 30% of your staff need to go beyond their normal course of duty.

Trust is an important factor between you and your staff. When you hold meetings you should welcome back-lash, otherwise meetings are just full of passive buy-in. If people are reactive and passionate, at least you’re getting a response.

Otherwise, all the strategies in the world are pointless without the tactics of engaging staff.

This article was taken from a discussion at a Business Exposure Group event


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