What are the benefits of holding a successful internal business meeting?

Internal meetings account for more than 60% of the meetings held within an organisation in a year which means there is a real productivity cost if they are not efficient.

Properly-run meetings save time, increase motivation and productivity, and solve problems. They can create new ideas and innovations and generally diffuse conflict in a way emails or memos cannot.

Meetings are more productive because the written word only carries 7% of the true meaning and feeling of discussion. However, most internal meetings are considered boring, a waste of time, and too long.

Preparation for internal meetings is essential. Before the meeting there needs to be a specific purpose – the idea of meetings for the sake of meetings is a waste of time. The only benefit of an internal meeting is if there is something specific to discuss.
Within these meetings you can brainstorm and can get updated on progress, consider options available to the business and build relationships.

It’s important to engage all the appropriate people in meetings and involve people who don’t necessarily have anything specific to offer, but you feel  you should include them so that they don’t feel like their nose has been put out.

It’s important to brief people on what’s expected from the meeting and produce minutes within 24 hours of the meeting. A successful meeting ‘involves’ people – rather than telling them.

Most meetings are better carried out within work time, while some are better carried outside of work time and off site, depending on the business and the pro-activity of the people attending the meeting.

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