How does your business run when you’re away?

Many business owners deny themselves an annual holiday because they simply won’t risk leaving the company in another person’s hands.
For those who are brave enough to go away, the majority spend the week fretting about what is happening back in the office.

The problem usually stems from the owner being the only person in the firm who knows how to run the business effectively because all the information is all stored in his/her head. If this continues to be the case, the business owner is never going to truly switch off when he’s away.

To build a scalable business, you need to put the correct systems in place for when you are not there and this means sharing responsibility as well as your intricate knowledge on how to run your business.

Businesses should create an operations manual which is regularly updated. The bigger the business, the more in-depth the systems.
People need clear job descriptions and firm direction on how you want your business to operate.

Stop reinventing the wheel. Make sure procedures are correct rather than constantly changing them.

Establish where you want to be in three years time – do you want to have six, 12 or 1,000 employees?

This will help you steer your business in the right direction and help you set achievable goals.

The content in this article was taken from a discussion at a recent Business Exposure Group forum.


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