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Business Exposure events in 2010 a real success!

The last Business Exposure Group meetings were in November 2010 other than the Social evening that we held in Wetherby in December which was a great success.
Over 40 guests, from both sides of the Pennines, met, mingled and discussed some interesting business propositions.
All in all, a very rewarding night as many of you remarked.

Thank you for attending on a rather snowy night.

During the November meetings we discussed a whole host of issues and one subject in particular, ‘the impact and relevance of social media on our businesses’ kept cropping up.

The main issues included across several discussion groups:-

How to engage young junior members of staff.
How to motivate a disengaged co director.
How to raise short term finance to assist with a cash drain of recruiting new staff
Experiences of the members when negotiating to buy a complimentary business.
How to have the confidence to expand in this market.

Are the members doing anything special to prepare for a difficult 2011?

The high value of the group advice was commented on by many of the members.

The dynamic of the every group is maturing well.

We look forward to seeing you all in January

Philip Drazen

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